Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with a passion for security.

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I am a Senior Software Engineer and Senior Security Engineer with over 15 years of experience in developing and deploying software applications. I have been programming since I was seven, and my passion for technology has only grown since then. Throughout my career, I have worked on a variety of projects ranging from Enterprise Fullstack SaaS applications and Industrial Automation Software. I have a strong understanding of software development principles, including agile methodologies, and a deep knowledge of languages such as Python, JavaScript, and C#.

I take great pride in my contributions to the software development and security fields. My extensive experience and expertise have allowed me to play a key role in several successful projects and initiatives, and I am committed to continuously improving my skills and knowledge in order to stay at the forefront of these rapidly evolving industries.

As a Senior Software Engineer and Senior Security Engineer, I am always seeking new opportunities to challenge myself and contribute to innovative and impactful projects. I am eager to join a dynamic organization where I can continue to grow as a professional, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and be part of a team that is dedicated to delivering high-quality software solutions while ensuring the security and integrity of the systems and applications they develop.


The following are some languages I have experience with.

Language Proficiency
Python 5+ years
JavaScript 5+ years
C# 10+ years
C++ 5+ years
Java 5+ years
C 5+ years
Lua 5+ years
Go Lang 1+ year


The following are some frameworks / libraries I have experience with.

Framework Proficiency
Flask 5+ years
FastAPI 3+ years
Vue 5+ years
Vuetify 3+ years
Bootstrap 10+ years
jQuery 10+ years
Django 3+ years


Contact me through LinkedIn.